Sunday, November 4, 2007

Son's Experience

My son had a college roommate who was bipolar. The man was staying up all night and sleeping all day. He would get up and shower at 500pm when most people are getting home from work. He had his days and nights backwards. He also was unemployed. Turned out to be extremely depressed, then he did realize he was having suicidal thoughts and asked my son to take him to the psy-ward for help. I comment this young man for reaching out and realizing that he needed professional help before he got worse.

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Jessica said...

That's so great that he realized that he needed help. I wish my mom could do the same. I feel like my mom grew up in a time when they just didn't talk about their problems, so a mental illness was especially taboo. I feel lucky to be in my midish twenties when it's okay to get together with friends and even acquaintances and talk about personal problems. It's very therapeutic and I would even say that it's cool or "trendy" to read self-help books and work hard to improve your life. I try to explain this to my mother, but it probably sounds very condescending to her.