Monday, November 5, 2007

Exerpt from Who are the Victims? A Bipolar Quandary

This is a small exerpt from my book. " But when she would come home from having had shock-treatments, it would be so obvious how very fragile she still was emotionally. She never remembered any of the craziness she had thought or done after her treatments, so it would do more harm than good to confront her with her actions. But as the daughter of a bipolar mother and knowing I have inherited her genes, I always lived wiht the fear of turning out like her. I was afraid of transforming into someone who was delusional and paranoid for most of my childhood. Not until I was about twenty five years old was I able to relax and realize that I was normal. What sad and very realistic choices these bipolar people have, brain killing drugs, asylums, or living on the street. Six weeks later, on the day of her death, she was still taking 1250 milligrams of an anti-psychotic drug for this "disorder bipolar".

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