Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friend's sister

I saw a friend I don't see a lot anymore at the park today. I knew her older sister who is 60 years old was manic-depressive. She has had a rough year, in and out of the hospital. She can't take lithium, which was working for her, because her liver blood counts were too high. This sister is at the point where she can't take care of herself and the family is having to make some very serious and tough decisions. This is their loved one and they want her to be safe and have compassionate caregivers. Money is also a factor that comes into play at this point. Some nursing homes also will not take psy-patients, only if their facilities are equiped for the memtally ill geriatric residents. My friend was very upset and worried about her sister and what can they do to help her now. It is my experience that the last ten years of life of a severe mentally ill person are the most sad years of all. Their anti-psychiotic treatments, being either chemicals or EST, start to take a toll on their brain cells. Their bodies just can't hold up for years on end with the toxic treatments needed to help them maintain in the "real world". My heart aches for her and I hate to see the families experience such trauma and turmoil.

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