Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing More Sad than this

There is nothing more sad than these stories. I do not know this particular woman's story, but from my experience, it's not the fact that they can't get proper medical care; it is the fact that they won't agree to take the prescribed medicine. The mentally ill can be very deceptive in their mania also. If you have not seen this, then you have to see it to believe it or understand. I have seen bipolar loved ones seem perfectly sane one second, then turn around and start babbling about how God is returning and they are His direct messengers. I am not trying to offend anyone of you who are bipolar as I know there are different degrees, my personal experience is with someone who was delusional and she would do whatever God had told her to do. Believe me now, if you tell me that you are getting messages from God I will readily assume that you are delusional. This story is what I want to stop in America. I want the innocent to stop being "killed" because someone did not "want" to take their medicine!!!!!!

Family Of Slain Children Raise Awareness Of Mental Illness

Children Killed When Aunt Walks Them Into Traffic

POSTED: 4:45 pm EDT August 22, 2008
Seven months have passed since a Brentwood mother and father lost their two children in a traffic accident triggered by a woman's mental illness.The children's aunt walked them into oncoming traffic in January, and they were struck and killed. The family is now taking action, hoping to spread an important message.Danielle and Ken Lambert said they remember their children, Kaleigh and Shane, with a mixture of pain and pride. Kaleigh was a happy girl with a big smile, and Shane, although he was just 4, could print his name perfectly.
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Danielle Lambert's twin sister, Marci Thibeault, had taken then children for a sleepover in January, but while driving on Interstate 495 in Lowell, Mass., she took them out of her car and ran with them into traffic."When she picked them up that night, she was the Marci we knew -- happy, the kids loved her," Danielle Lambert said. "There were no sign of the return of her mental illness."Thibeault was battling deep mental illness, although no one knew how severe it was. Her family thought she had an isolated episode and had gotten better."I knew how much she loved the kids and our kids loved her," Danielle Lambert said. "We thought they were safe that night."The Lamberts said they have learned how deceptive mental illness can be."There was a witness account that she thought she was bringing our kids to heaven that night," Danielle Lambert said. "I knew it was her illness."The Lamberts said they often wonder if it could have been prevented if Thibeault had received more help. Because of the questions they still have, the Lamberts founded Keep Sound Minds, an organization aimed at helping people get the mental health treatment they need."There are so many things that could be fixed," Ken Lambert said. "We know it will help down the road to prevent future incidents."

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