Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This morning on GMA, the politicians were moaning about the fact that some Americans do not have full coverage of medical care. A family was interviewed, both working parents, three children, the example of a "normal" middle class, working family in the USA. This family had medical insurance, but the aderol that one of the children was taking was not covered by their personal insurance. The idea was that this was a Republican/Democrat problem and one reason why we need a medical overhaul in America. My youngest son, 24 years old, was never ADD and only since being in medical school, did he decide to take aderol because of the extremely long hours of studying that is required. His Blue Cross/Blue Shield will not cover this ADD medicine because it is labeled as a "Mental Illness" drug category. The forty years my mother spent taking anti-psychotic drugs, we also paid cash. She had no help with that until she qualified for Medicare at age 65, then when she was 73 years old she died. In my opinion, this is not a Republican/Democrat issue. The issue here is how mental illness is viewed and still the stigma involved. Mental illness as a diagnosis, even if it is just ADD or ADHD, if your insurance covers your medicine for this, then you should add that to the things you are thankful for today.

Thanks, Liz

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