Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nauseating situation in CT

I haven't posted here for a while because I thought it was becoming redundant. But how sad and actually nauseating that still more tiny, innocent lives have been lost due to another mental illness. Call it "Black Swan Syndrome" or Asperger's Autism, we need to do a better job with the mentally ill in America. Countless numbers now are "Victims" of mental illness. All family members, the mentally ill person, and the ones who are killed and their families, are who the victims are. Who are the victims? We all are. I would like to see the research on Asperger's on the per cent who may be violent. Having been a Special Ed. teacher for many years, I have worked with Asperger's and I am sure it is not classified as a mental illness. So for the CT shootings, this man, had a severe undiagnosed illness. Most mental illness manifests itself in early to mid 20 year old range. If you look at the past history of the shootings it is young males in that age group. They need more attention, caring counselors, and better means of diagnosing mental illness. Then, when they have been diagnosed by a qualified medical professional, they need to be monitored and have assistance with maintaining the mental illness. The homeless man who made the news after the police officer bought and gave him a pair of shoes; was on the street by choice according to his family. A typical human does not choose to live on the street. That man, in my opinion, probably has a mental illness as well.This is not a gun control issue, this is an issue of mental illness in America. If we can sit for hours and listen to the news report incessantly on this horrific event; even read how the shooter shot those poor babies multiple times at close range; then read and listen to what goes on in a double lock down mental illness ward. If you can stomach the news all day of this event, then lets talk about the "real" world of mental illness. How there is a reason why they are placed in double lock down padded areas. From my experience it is when their mania is out of control and the delusions have taken over. They destroy things, walk around naked, pass their waste on the floor and throw it on the walls. Yes America it does exist that way. But, then with proper counseling and medication and therapy, their mania subsides and they can leave the double lock down are and join the general population in the single lock down area. And after some more counseling, medication and therapy they rejoin the "outside" world, go back to work and are contributing members of a tax-paying society.No one wants to talk about that, don't want to address the reality of it. We all talk about how something needs to be done. Let's talk about solutions, not just state the obvious.

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