Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This sounds like a broken record, I see this almost every day in the world of Special Education. The parents take their children off the medicine and don't take them to their counselors. Here is a very true list of what we have seen in the last two weeks of school

1. "M"'s mom takes him off his meds. because we only have two weeks left and surely we don't need him to take his drugs, he is a 4th grader who then goes "poo" in his pants and spreads it around the school in little "poo" bombs.
2. "Z" is tired of working and when the teachers give him an assignment he says"I am not doing any more Effing work" His mothers solution was to have him write 100 times at home that he will not use the "F bomb" again. The next day he got into a fight and used the "F bomb" with the assistant principal which earned "Z" the right to have On Campus Suspension and miss his end of year party
3. "J" does not take his medicine and his mother says it won't hurt him to miss a few days, so he flies around the room, uses the F-bomb with a teacher, won't stay in his chair at all and can't focus, so he had a wasted learning day and the teachers had to send him to the principal where he was told if he did not take his meds. the next day he would join "Z" in OCS, he made the right choice the next day and took his meds.
4. "C" admits that his mother spreads his meds. on a half PBJ sandwich because he can't swallow the pill but he has actually been feeding it to the dog which explains why the teachers were puzzled when the mother said his meds had been increased in the last month and were perplexed as to why he can't pass the second round of State Mandated Tests and now has to attend summer school.

So you decide, is it important to take your prescribed meds.? absolutely "YES".

Youth with history of mental illness gets probation for break-in

BLOOMINGTON -- A 12-year-old Bloomington boy who broke into two homes in Normal last year was placed on 60 months probation Wednesday and ordered to cooperate with attempts to help him avoid future problems with the law.

McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Aaron Hornsby described Sept. 18 as “a truly frightening day and what were truly frightening crimes.”

The youth and a second boy got off the school bus where they were scheduled to attend special education classes and instead broke into two homes, said Hornsby.

An 83-year-old resident of one of the homes saw the two as they left his property and called police. When the 12-year-old was stopped, he was waving two knives, said the prosecutor.

The youth’s background includes a history of mental illness and two suicide attempts, according to Hornsby.

The state asked that the minor be placed on probation until he is 21 years old.

In her remarks prior to her decision to place the youth on probation until he is 17, Judge Elizabeth Robb said she was troubled by reports indicating the child was taken off medication by his mother and missed counseling appointments.

Calling the mother’s decisions irresponsible, Robb told the parent, “he’s not going to function without medication.”

The mother was ordered to work with child welfare, school and court services staff assigned to the child’s case.

Defense lawyer Art Feldman agreed that the child’s mental health issues must be addressed.

“It’s clear to me that the minor has mental health issues. It’s a matter of how to deal with them,” he said.

An Aug. 3 hearing is scheduled to review the boy’s progress.


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