Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Weeks to Go

I am not expressing an opinion of either Presidential Candidate on this blog, but the following information should be read. The information in this article shows where each candidate stands on an issue that is close to the heart of a lot of us in America. Please stay informed, make informed, educated decisions on the issues that affect us. Don't just expect "someone else" to take care of things for you.

The 2008 Presidential Election
Mental Health: The Candidates & Party Platforms


Explore the Candidates

In early 2008, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) sent a questionnaire to all presidential candidates in each party. We encouraged candidates to provide us with other relevant materials or explanations of their positions on issues involving mental health even if they did not have time to respond to the questionnaire.

NAMI offers these responses and excerpts from party platforms for educational purposes only. NAMI is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Non-profit charitable organizations, including NAMI state and local affiliates, are prohibited by law from endorsing specific candidates. This information should not be used by any NAMI affiliate to endorse any candidate.

Democratic Presidential Nominee

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois

Republican Presidential Nominee

Sen. John McCain of Arizona
  • Sen. McCain provided NAMI with a Mental Health Statement in lieu of a response to our questionnaire. The Campaign informed NAMI that it is his policy not to respond to questionnaires.
View statements or responses of former presidential candidates who responded.

Explore the Party Platforms

NAMI offers excerpts from the Democratic and Republican party platforms that are relavent to mental health.

See also the full Democratic and Republican platforms.

Presidential Candidate Sites
Official website of the McCain campaign
Official website of the Obama campaign

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