Monday, July 14, 2008

Another sad story

Here is a man who had everything. He was bipolar and not in compliance with his prescribed medicine. We can coddle and use therapy with some mentally ill patients forever, but for some the bottom line is they "MUST" take the prescribed medicines. Very sad. My son worked for this company for two years and they have a very good internet security product that a lot of us are using right now.
Police and the medical examiner's office have identified a body discovered below the Pali Highway lookout as Steven Thomas, the 36-year-old millionaire who has been missing for two weeks. Three hikers found the body Sunday, a couple hundred feet below the lookout. It was recovered by firefighters who had to be lowered into the forested area. Thomas founded a Colorado-based Internet software security company and owned a home in Boulder. He had been missing since June 30. He was last seen in Waikiki, where his mother and a cousin were staying.
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Cardis Thomas said her husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in April but refused medication. Thomas was arrested April 27 and taken to Castle Medical Center after he ran naked into the middle of a race in front of his home in the Lanikai.He was anxious about the poor performance of his investment portfolio as well as discussions about moving back to Colorado, his wife, Candis Burton Thomas, had said last week. Thomas is the founder of Boulder-based Webroot Software Inc. The software company that created the Spy Sweeper and Window Washer programs was sold in 2004 to a group of investors for about $108 million.Thomas controlled a fortune estimated at $50 million.In Boulder, the company he founded had waited for news that Thomas was located."You know the entire Webroot community is very concerned about Steve’s well-being. We’ll do anything to support Steve and his family through this time," said Bob Berger, earlier this week.

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