Thursday, December 6, 2007

Omaha Shootings

I was just reading about the young man who shot himself and 8 other people yesterday in Omaha. The article said he suffered from depression, had been thrown out of his parents house, ADD/ADHD, lost his job for stealing money and broke up with his girlfriend.It said they did not know if he had been on medication for a diagnosed mental illness. I hope this is not another one of our young people who got lost in the crowd, slipped through the cracks of the mental illness maze and did not receive proper attention and medical care; similar to the man who killed students at Virginia Tech. I am really very tired of seeing innocent shoppers/students killed, possibly because we are not taking care of our mentally ill as well as we want to. I know the current laws tie the hands of the medical staff and the law officials. I know that we can't take the rights of the mentally ill away from them, but what if one of those killed were your family member? Would you vote for new, more strengent laws to help the mentally ill accept the correct medicine for their safety and the safety of the average person in the mall shopping for Christmas, or just going to class in college?

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